TROPICAL DEW is intended for all-year-round care of leaves of green and blooming plants. Allows for creating specific microclimate around the plants. If used regularly it moisturizes and prevents the build-up of dust. It improves plants’ condition, accelerates their growth and ensures they always look their best. Particularly recommended for a heating period. Manufactured from water (specially purified by means of a multi-stage demineralization process) and marine algae extract. Allows to recreate natural conditions for the plants. Does not leave sediment.

APPLICATION: sprinkle the leaves once a week for the whole year, particularly during winter months. Do not sprinkle blossoms. For proper fertilization we recommend Bi Florin fertilizers.
Composition: extract from marine algae Ascophyllum nodosum, aqua purificata.

Store in temperature 5-35°C. Keep out of reach of children. If in eyes, rinse with copious amounts of water and seek medical advice. If spilled, rinse thoroughly with water.